Monday, May 23, 2005

Dirk Nowitzki = Uber Jerk

First off I would to apologize to any readers that I have left, there werent many to begin with and now I shudder at the thought, for being away for the past week or so. I guess you could say I have been in a creative funk. None of my new posts made any sense to me, well less sense than they normally do, so I scrapped 'em. Now Im still not sure if Im making any sense but I guess Ill post this anyway.

Yea ok the egg is on my face (nh). For some reason I actually agreed with Fitz that Nash would be a bad pickup for the Suns. Then I said that the Suns would get bounced out in the second round because the could not play defense. Well over the weekend I was obviously again proven wrong. But I was also proven right.

Ive never liked Dirk Nowitzki and I have always thought he was a softie(nh). This season while the league was falling in love with him (nh) I was still skeptical. And then comes the playoffs and his scoring goes down. He then proceeds to call out Eric Dampier in front of the media. Fine Dirk, you want to call people out then you man up and you step your game up too. So then in game six Dirk's team allows the Phoenix Suns to come back and force overtime on Dallas's home floor! The Suns then proceed to win the clincher in overtime. So what does our fearless leader then do, he goes and starts yelling a Jason Terry. Fuck you Dirk, YOU yourself let the team down. You decided to try to beat the Suns by yourself in OT and it just did not work. Marion had you on straps the whole series so dont go blaming anyone but yourself. Fuck Nowitzki (nh).

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Im Baaaack/The Champ is here

Sorry about that little hiatus, been a little bit on the busy side this week. Since I last posted alot of things have happened in these NBA playoffs so lets get to it.

In a couple of hours the Wizards will be playing game 4 of this best of 7 series against the Heat. For the past 10 games dating back to last season the Heat have dominated the Wizards. On Thursday, at home, the Wizards lost to the Heat without Shaq. How does that happen one might ask. Well Dwyane Wade has the game of his playoff career and Alonzo Mourning discovers the fountain of youth all in the same game. It was a disappointing loss but I dont expect the 'Zards to get swept.
(Wizards 105- Heat 98)

The other matchup tonight is the Spurs-Sonics game. I, being on the East coast, did not get to see all (most) of the last game. Looking at the numbers I cant really figure out how the Sonics won. Allen shot under 40%, and the man with the worst haircut Ive ever seen Radmonovic (sp?) did not play. Daniels had a huge 4th quarter and the Sonics pulled the game out. I dont expect Allen to get out of his funk any time this series because he has one of the dirtiest, and best, defenders in the NBA on him, Bruce Bowen. The Spurs win this one rather easily.
(Spurs 110- Sonics 90)

Monday, May 09, 2005

F street was rockin' (no homo)

Before we got smacked down by Miami yesterday, the whole DC area was estatic over the Wizards advancing to the second round of the NBA playoffs for the first time in 23 years. Unfortunately I didnt get to go to the game but a freind told me that people were dancing down F street after the Game six victory over the Bulls. The homosexuals over at ESPN were laughing at the Wizards for how much they were celebrating the first round win with confetti and streamers and printed up T-shirts. To those homos I say fuck you (no homo), before this season the Wizards had not won a playoff game since 6 yrs before I was born. Allow us our celebration.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

The death of Fitz

(Never fear, this is still a sports blog, however a commrade has fallen and Im gonna take a break from the sports recognize that (no homo))

Well this is truly a sad day in the blogsphere (ive never used that word before so im gonna put a no homo in here just in case) no homo. My unofficial mentor, unofficial because he didnt know it, is retiring from this blog shit. My man (no homo) Fitz has called it quits after a year plus of running this blog shit. As I have said before,my blog is obviously heavily influenced by his, so his leaving the game really sucks.

However never fear children, The Book of Fitz is not dead. Verby will be holding down the spot (no homo) in Fitz's absence. As an original Team Fitz member I cant wait to see was Verby's got (big no homo). Well Mr. Fitz you will be missed, at least until Verby starts takin over this blog shit.*

*Huge no homo on this whole post

Thursday, May 05, 2005

when)*Wizards vs. Bulls Game 5

As I said last night, this was one of the better endings to a playoff game that I have seen in a while. The Wizards jumped on the Bulls early (nh). The offense was clicking they were playing hard D (nh) and even when Arenas or Hughes would take a dumb shot they would make them. The Wizards shot 73% in the first quarter and 64% at halftime. The Wizards looked as if they were going to run the Bulls out of their own gym as the Bulls got booed by the home crowed. The Wizards led by as much as 28 in the third quarter. But then like the Wizards have done all season, they let the team get back in the game in the fourth. The Wizards went, for what seemed to me to be at least 7 mins, without a feild goal in the 4th. And to compound the problem they didnt hit their freethrows.
And then with one minute left in the game and a 10 point cushion
he entered the game. He being that Pargo kid. In game 4 of the series with the Wizards up by 16, he went crazy from the 3 point line and made the game alot more interesting down the stretch. Surely my Wizards wouldnt let this happen again would they.........of course they would. Pargo hits 3 3 pointers including one with 5.4 seconds left to tie the game.
But as he has done at least 5 or 6 times this season, the game was in the hands of Gilbert Arenas. With 5.4 seconds left Arenas dribbled out 2 seconds off the clock and then made his move on Heinrich. He went left got ahead of Heinrich but stopped at the foul line as he saw the 7'2 shotblocker, Chandler, coming at him. He pulled up and hit a fadeaway swish over both Chandler and Heinrich. Game over bitches, we're headed home.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Game 5

If you missed tonights Wizards vs. Bulls Game 5 then you missed a classic. However if you missed it then your in luck because im gonna talk about it tommorow. To lazy to talk about it tonight. So what I am gonna do is wow you with pictures of Gil Arenas doin his thing (nh).

Monday, May 02, 2005

I'm [the NBA's] MVP and I aint goin no where so get to know me

People who arent retards, such as Mr. Fitz know that the MVP race is really down to just two people, Allen Iverson and Shaq O'neal. So Im not gonna waste my time explaining why Steve Nash isnt the MVP because its been debated to death already. What I will do however, is explain why Allen Iverson is a better candidate than Shaq is, even though Shaq will be going deeper into the playoffs.

t really has nothing to do with stats. Of course Iverson's numbers are going to be better, he plays on an exponetially worse team where he has to take most of his shots. However the knock on Iverson has always been that he doesnt get his team involved enough. However this season he is averaging not only 30.5 ppg but also 8.0 assists per game. He is getting these assists btw by throwing the ball to Kyle Korver, who is the definition of a streaky shooter, and Andre Igudala who couldnt hit a mid-range J to save his life. Even with the addition of Chris Webber, Iverson has kept the right balance of scoring and distributing and has rounded his game into the best game in the league.

Normally I dont like penalizing someone for being on a good team, but this is a different circumstance. Shaq is the reason that Miami is as good as it is. People may say that D. Wade has become better also, but Shaq made Wade better. Shaq is definantly the MVP of HIS TEAM. However if you take Shaq off the Heat and give them the Roster they had last year, the Heat still make it to the second round of the Playoffs. Wade is a bonafide star and he could have carried this team to the playoffs. Conversly take Allen Iverson off of his team and you have the Eastern Conference version of the New Orleans Hornets.