Friday, April 29, 2005

Im coming down with a case of Vinceanity(Big No Homo)

Corny titles aside, Vince Carter is turning into the player insiders never thought he could be. I have never been a Carter fan. I have always thought that outside of dunking, he doesnt really bring anything to his team. I would watch Raptors games and see him jack up 3 after 3 and then occasionally on a fast break go in for a dunk. I never was impressed and I never understood why everyone seemed to be enamored with him.

However, after being traded out of a situation that he didnt like, I would put money that there hasnt been a better player in the league. Since the trade from Toronto to New jersey Carter has averaged close to 30 points. He is responsible for the Nets being in the playoffs and last night he was nearly responsible for allowing Jersey to escape a sweep at the hands of the Heat. In one of the better early round playoff games, Vince Carter sent the game into double overtime on an unbelievable shot off an inbounds pass at the buzzer. With 2.3 seconds left he shot from just inside the arc, the ball bounced around the rim hit off the backboard and went in.

Now the Nets have no chance to win this series, and maybe if Jefferson can learn how to put down a layup* this series would be 2-1 instead of 3-0 but I digress. The bottom line is that Vince Carter has shown me and the league that he is in part worthy of the praise that he has recieved since he entered the league from North Carolina.

*seriously that missed layup was ridiculous

Thursday, April 28, 2005

The NBA's newest rivalry

What the NBA has been missing over the last 5-7 years is a good rivalry. Not just rivalries where the two teams play well against each other and provide exciting games. Im talking about rivalries where the two teams dont like each other. In my day, which has been the last 12 years, the rivalries I remember are Knicks/Pacers, Heat/Knicks, Sacremento/Lakers.

The start of a new era happened on Sunday when two teams who absolutely hate each other faced off in the first round of the playoffs. The Bulls and Wizards cannot stand each other. Stemming from a preseason brawl where Wizards center Brendan Haywood bitch slapped Bulls center Antonio Davis and then proceeded to run like a beeyotch straight G style, to Gilbert Arenas calling some of the Bulls players dirty, specifically Andres Nocioni. This disliking has turned into a full blown rivalry. Both teams are young and exciting to watch, and both have superstar guards in the making (Arenas and Gordon).

The Bulls/Wizards series is one of the better first round match ups this year. Even though the Bulls are up 2-0 in the series, I'm gonna pull a Fitz and predict that the Wizards win the series in six.

The Takeover

I got my start in this blog shit doing guest posts for Fitz here. It was a sports blog and it was great. Then Fitz got jealous because I was always right and he was always wrong. So he banished me from the site. I bounced around(no homo), taking odd jobs doing guest posts for different blogs to make ends meet. Chances are if you have read a good post on a blog it was written by me. Finally I was picked up by my brother from a different mother Luis. We ran this blog shit for a minute, we Let so many dumb motherfuckers know im surprised the government hasnt arrested us (nhjic).

Which brings me here. My ninja TZA has always told me that I need my own blog and I have always told him that I am way to lazy for that. But I do feel like this side blog (im still loyal to the movement) can be something great. Ive decided to get back to my roots and write about sports on this blicky. I hope to have a post up by tonight