Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Moss = MVP candidate

I am a realist, and I dont think or believe that Santana Moss should or will win the NFL MVP award. However he should at least be talked about. He, Tiki Barber, Steve Smith and other position players have no real chance of winning the award seeing as how the award is Quarterback-centric, but his numbers are all up there with the tops in the league and his contribution to his team is unparalleled.

Moss was an amazing player early on in the season. He first emerged on monday night during the second week of the season after he burned the Cowboys for two fourth quarter touchdown, including the game winner.After dominating for the first month he had fallen off the map during the middle of the season as defenses realized that the Redskins had no second optioon in the passing game and would load up on his side. David Patten suffering a season ending injury did not help the situation and Moss's production declined.

However during the Redskins unthinkable four game winning streak, Moss has reemerged as one of the leagues best players as his stats have increased over the last month. He is second in recieving yards with 1400 (only 32 yards behind Steve Smith), he is third in touchdowns with 9, and he has the highest average yards per reception, 17.5, of any receiver with 80 or more catches. To top it all off he has his team on the cusp of its first playoff berth in 5 seasons.

If I was Fitz and had an anal retentive attention to stats I'd look up Sean Alexanders and tell you that the teams he has played have horrible defneses or something, but I have a life so I wont, at least not now. The race in my mind comes down to Peyton, Tiki, Larry Johnson (What hes doing is unprecedented), Smith, Moss, Brady (in about that order). But I dont expect the decision makers in the NFL to get smart anytime soon so my money is on Alexander

Monday, December 26, 2005

Fuck Pepco

I had just finished a review of Royce Da 5'9's latest album, "Independents Day." As soon as I finished the power cut off. I was literally 30 seconds from finishing. I refuse to do the review again, at least now. So heres a summary.

Its not very good. Its not terrible but I expect more from Royce, he is alot more talented than this album shows. Its above average so I gave it 2.95 stars out of five.

Best songs: I Own You, Paranoid, Meeting of the Bosses