Monday, September 26, 2016

That Didn't Go Well For Anyone

Arizona lost the Buffalo 33-18, which is what happens when you allow 150 yards rushing - in the first half. I had been hoping for a huge butt-whooping that got Rex Ryan (and most likely his brother as well) fired, as sort of a fuck you to their asshole dad, so much for that.

On the baseball side, the St. Louis Cardinals lost the last game of their series with the Rockies, then lost two of three to the Cubs. They aren't currently not in either Wild Card spot, despite half the Mets' roster being injured, and the entire Giants' roster being garbage. They have series with the Reds and Pirates left. That would seem like encouraging news, considering those teams aren't very good, but the Cards haven't exactly covered themselves in glory against either team this year. 15-16 combined. They're making basically the same screw-up Pittsburgh did last year, not beating up on the weaker teams in the division. That was why the Cardinals won the division ahead of the Pirates last season, Pittsburgh had losing records against every other team in the Central, and the Cards had winning records against all of them, especially the Reds and Brewers.

Anyway, I have to imagine both those teams would enjoy it a little bit if they could keep the Cardinals out of the playoffs with them, so we'll see if they succeed. I'm just ready for this frustrating mess of a season to be over.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

That's A Little Better, I Guess

Arizona trounced the Tampa Bay Bucs, 40-7. Jameis Winston got picked off 4 times, and Carson Palmer threw for over 300 yards and 3 TDs. It was 24-0 by halftime. It doesn't entirely wash away the unease of the Cardinals losing to the Patriots minus Brady and Gronk last week, but it's better than being 0-2. Especially since the Rams beat Seattle, and the 49ers were trounced by the Panthers, so everyone in the NFC West is 1-1.

On the baseball side of things, it looked as though the Cardinals were finally going to choose a direction for their season. They lost the last game of a series with the Brewers, then two of three to the Cubs, then the first two of a 4-game set with the Giants. But nope, they proceeded to win the final two games against the Giants, then the first game of a series with the Rockies. Combined with the Giants' continuing collapse, the Cards are back into the second Wild Card spot. So nothing's changed, except the pitching is being leaned on more heavily, because the offense has gone to sleep. They still have the rest of the series with Colorado, then the Reds and Pirates. The Cards have done OK against the Pirates, but if they end up missing the playoffs, a poor showing against the crapass Reds is going to be one of the many culprits.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Off To A Brilliant Start Here

Arizona lost to a New England Patriots team without Tom Brady, in Arizona on Sunday night. Excellent work guys, great hustle. Maybe they bought into the hype of all those different magazines picking them to win the Super Bowl. I'd love it Arizona actually did, as Sports Illustrated predicts, beat Pittsburgh in the Super Bowl this year, but I think they're nuts to predict it. Fine, the NFC East is still a trash fire, and I need to be convinced anyone other than Carolina is worth a damn in the South (and if the refs don't start calling roughing the passer penalties Cam Newton is dead and so are the Panthers), and the Packers barely beat fucking Jacksonville. But there's still Seattle. Narrowly defeating Miami, but still, when they needed a game winning drive, they got it, even though Russell Wilson was immobile.

As for baseball, the St. Louis Cardinals are still muddling along. Win a few, lose a few. They're behind the Giants and Mets in the wild card race now, and are almost certainly going to finish the season with a losing record at home. Of course, I fully expect them to win 3 out of 4, or 4 of 6 here soon, just to put themselves back in the conversation. I'd really like for their season to just be over already.

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