Sunday, April 17, 2016

Damn It, The Playoffs Already Started?!

So, I'm a bit late with this. Screw it, no one's reading anyway. Playoff predictions, go!

Cleveland vs. Detroit: Cleveland in 6. I'm going to give the Pistons a chance to make it interesting on the grounds they do have some good players, Stan van Gundy is a good coach, and the Cavs seem like kind of a mess. I expect Lebron can keep them rolling until they find their stride, and I still expect Cleveland will win the East, if only because no team in that conference has proven it can beat Lebron in the last 5 years, but I doubt it'll be pretty.

Toronto vs. Indiana: Well shit, I was all ready to pick Toronto in 6, to give them some credit for finally being good enough to get out of the first round, and they go and blow Game 1. Eh, screw it. I'll stick with that prediction. I'm not convinced the Pacers can score enough to keep winning.

Miami vs. Charlotte: Charlotte in 7. I just think the Hornets are better, even though Nic Batum is hurt now. Chris Bosh isn't a full strength, and I don't feel like Miami's best players fit well together. Like, Wade and Dragic don't have styles that mesh. The Hornets have the defense, and they've found an offense, so go Hornets.

Atlanta vs. Boston: Atlanta in 6. Boston has a really good coach in Brad Stevens, and he seems to have gotten the maximum out of his players. Knowing what your players are good at and giving them the chance to do it is pretty key. But Budenholzer is no slouch, and I feel like Atlanta has the best players. Like, I feel as though Millsap and Horford ought to be able to do some damage against Boston's big men, who play hard but are by no stretch of the imagination dominant.

Golden State vs. Houston: I was actively pissed the Rockets made the postseason. They have just enough talent that if they actually play together - and actually play some defense - with a few breaks they could beat the Warriors. Which I do not want, because the Warriors are fun, and the Rockets would probably revert to a boring mess immediately afterward. But Golden State destroyed them in Game 1, so maybe that won't happen. Warriors in 5, figuring Harden goes nuclear at some point in the series.

San Antonio vs. Memphis: Spurs in 4. I give the Grizzlies credit for hanging in there with all the injuries, but they don't have the guys to run with the Spurs. Any team that is leaning heavily on Matt Barnes and Lance Stephenson is hopelessly outgunned.

Oklahoma City vs. Dallas: Thunder in 5. The West was just full of blowouts  Like Memphis, the Mavericks are just too beat up to hang with OKC. But they're a little healthier, and Carlisle is a hell of a coach, so I figure they can steal a game.

Los Angeles vs. Portland: Clippers in 6. I have to pick at least one Western Conference series to be competitive, and this is the best option. I feel like Portland's backcourt defense is a weak point, which seems like a bad thing going up against Chris Paul and JJ Redick. It's not not like you can try to hide Lillard on Redick, because then he has to chase him around screens all day. And Portland is pretty banged up in the frontcourt, against DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin, so that likely won't end well either.