Saturday, August 25, 2012

Trying To Catch Up To MLB's 3/4 Mark

Kind of missed that by a few days, but I've felt out of sorts. I never seem to have access to TV anymore (I've stayed somewhere I had television for a total of 6 days during the current baseball season), and for the prior 6 weeks, I only had Internet access for about 2 hours a week. Just not much time to keep up with everything. So I was legitimately surprised to find Ichiro was a Yankee, and that the Cardinals had basically swapped Tyler Greene to Houston for cash, and who knows how many other trades went on I'm blissfully unaware of?

Also, the Cardinals traded Zach Cox for a relief pitcher. I get that Cox had Freese, Matt Carpenter, and possibly even Descalso standing between him and the starting 3rd base job, but I wish the Cardinals would stop trading potential starting position players to acquire relief pitchers. You would think the Cards would be able to find someone in the farm system to get a few outs. Can't complain with Mujica's performance thus far, though. 

So the Cards have won 4 in a row, albeit 3 of those against Houston, who is more terrible than I could have imagined. Their record is up to 69-56, which is six wins behind what their Pythagorean record says they should be, but that's been the case most of the season. No reason to change now. The Reds are sufficiently far enough ahead I'm not really expecting the Cardinals to catch up, but if they want to put a little more pressure on Cincy, that'd be fine.

Lynn seems like he might be tiring, but Garcia's back, and Wainwright seems to be rounding into shape. Or else his luck is turning so the results match his performance, if you prefer. I find it staggering that Kyle Lohse has thrown 169 innings, and has an ERA of 2.61. Guy is making one heck of a contract push. One I hope the Cardinals ignore this offseason, but it's impressive nonetheless.