Monday, March 13, 2006

Joe Gibbs is a Genius

How 'bout them Redskins? This has been one of the more exciting offseasons in recent memory. Every year since owner Dan Snyder bought the team in '99, the 'Skins have been major players in the free agent market. However, before Joe Gibbs returned to caoch the team last year, most free agent signings came back to bite us in the ass. Mark Carrier, Deon Sanders, Jeff George, Shane Matthews, Danny Wurfell, and Jaucquez 'fuckin' Green were all Redskins pickups in the last 6 years.
In the last two years that Joe Gibbs has been here, the Redskins have made much better signings. Shawn Springs, Clinton Portis, Santana Moss, and Marcus Washington are all products of the Gibbs era, and the brilliance has continued this offseason. Over the weekend the Redskins have signed Adam Archuletta, Antwaan Randle El, and Brandon Lloyd. While none of these players are superstars by any stretch of the imagination, all of these players fill holes that the Reskins need filled (no homo).
The Redskins passing game last season consisted of Moss, Cooley and thats about it. But with the signing of Randle El and Lloyd we get a posession reciever and Randle El has told the Redskins that he wants to return kicks. In Archuletta the 'Skins get another hard hitting Safety to compliment Sean Taylor. Archuletta will help anchor an already formidable secondary.
So in conclusion, Joe Gibbs is an awesome judge of talent.