Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Best Comedies on the tube

I guess that I am a little late with all of these shows, but that is only because TV is a festering shithole with nothing interesting on, ever. If your not on the History Channel or ESPN, there really is nothing to watch. I should also note that I watch none of these shows on TV even now that I have discovered them, thanks to the magic that is youtube (seriously, its the shit).

Scrubs - You either love or hate this show. I happen to think its irreverance and quirkiness is brilliant, but I also can see how it could be sickening.

The Office - Another quirky, artsy comedy. You would not believe it from this list, but I usually dont go for this kinda crap, but I think the show is genuinely funny. Steve Carell's character never gets old, and the supporting characters are equally funny.

Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Finally a show that doesnt make me look like a pussy for liking. I really do think that this show is one of the better comedies ever. Like the other two shows on the list, it has no laugh track, and its spot on after primetime basic cable allows it a little more freedom with language and content (a). The cast is full of nobody's, save for Danny Devito, but that does not hinder it from being one of the best comedies on TV.(b)

(a) Last week two of the characters started smoking crack to convince social services that they needed wellfare.

(b) Or youtube. Seriously the best thing to happen on the internet in a while, the net was slipping there for a minute.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Washington Wizards Offseason '06

The Washington Wizards have been decidedly quiet this offseason, as a ripe free agent market just passes by them. I understand why the Wizards are not in a position to sign any of the big name free agents, but GM Ernie Grunfeld needs to get creative and do something. The Wizards have done nothing to improve the team so far, and are saying publicly that they wont be very active this summer.

The Wizards have Gilbert Arenas for at least another 3 years, at the end of which time Arenas has stated that if the Wizards have not made strides to get a championship that he would look elsewhere to play. Now I am definitely not hating on Arenas, he has offered to take a pay cut so that the Wizards would have enough money to sign somebody. The two time all star is only making about 10 million dollars this season, in my opinion he is under paid, and he is willing to take a pay cut to see this team win.

The Wizards lack interior defense. They need a nasty center/forward to anchor a team that doesn't rebound or defend well. While their offense has been top 5 in the league on the defensive side of the ball they have just been inept. So I have a solution. Kenyon Martin.

The Nuggets no longer want Martin, as evidenced by his suspension in the playoffs and the signing of NeNe to a long term deal, so I'm sure he would come cheap. Also Martin and Jordan have a past when coach Eddie Jordan was assistant coach for the Nets. He brings nastiness, intensity, rebounding, and defense, all things that the Wizards lack. Its time for Grunfeld to get creative, because if he doesn't the Wizards could loose out on their franchise player and sink back into medicority.