Thursday, November 17, 2005

American University Chronicles Vol.1

As most of you know, I graduated from my wretched highschool last spring and enrolled myself into American University. My original thinking was that this school was in a big city (Washington D.C) it was close to home, and was expensive and therefore great (40 k a year, can you believe that shit!?). I expected to see a school filled with rich liberal white kids who knew nothing of the world outside of their cul de sac yet feel that their opinions on cultures they know nothing about are valid. And for the most part my assumptions were correct.

Everything has been going swimmingly in terms of race relations. Niggas who aint niggas seem to like to use the word nigga a little too much here. Sometimes its as if people test the waters around me to see how I will react to them using the word. Usually I just grit my teeth and move on, but there is only so much one black man can take. Every time the word is used and I dont say anything I feel like a piece of my soul is being taken from me.

This all came to a head today in my College Writing class. We were discussing violence in our respective highschools. One bitch brought up the point that there really wasnt any violence in her highschool and then attempted to make a correlation between that and the fact that there werent many black people in Bumblefuck, Maine. At the end of her tirade (your gonna love this) she said that there werent many "COLORED" people in her town.

Being one of three black kids in the class, and the only black male, I felt every eye shift to me. And I immedeately laughed my ass off. I just could'nt keep a straight face. I didnt think people still used that word, especially liberal white people. The only thing that kept me from going Nat Turner on that bitch (if you dont know Nat Turner youd better ask somebody) was the fact that I thought it was funny. Maybe Im no better than she is.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Killa Cam = Malcom X?


As most of you all already know, Cam'ron was shot in DC a couple of weeks ago. Apparently Cam' was the "victim" of an apparent "carjacking" ( we all know he set that up himself), where he was shot twice, one in each arm. Now I wont go into the obvious reasons why this looks staged, like how he was shot in both arms while driving away, but what I will adress is his comments in a recent interview.

"Not saying somebody is after me, but you gotta realize you in a position of power. It's like the modern day… its like Malcolm X and Martin Luther King."

All I have to say to that is ......really now? Is it really like MLK and Malcom X. Because you (Cameron) are on the same level of importance as they are. You are a cultural icon who has affected change. No nigga, your a no-talent having dumbass who rides around in a $350,000 car that you cant afford, who gets your ass shot.....twice. Fuck you, you little homo. Unfortunately the "carjackers" could'nt have done the world a huge favor and straight offed your monkey ass (no homo)