Tuesday, June 27, 2006

2 of 06's worst

I was talking to Luis yesterday, first time in a while, and we got to talking about music. He was giving me a rundown of his version the years 5 best albums when I realized that I had heard only 1 of them and that I really had not been paying much attention to this years hip hop offerings. What with so much crap out there could you really blame me? But I have been listening to cd's that came out a couple of years ago that I missed.
Recently a friend burned for me 5 cd's while I was over at his crib (shouts to Yellow Brick aka T street). Ill give a quick rundown of the 2 worst now, with an in depth review on the good ones later.

Mobb Deep - "Blood Money"- Having gone to their show at the world famous 9:30 club here in DC, and having witnessing their horrible performance, I really did not have much anticipation for this album, and it doesn't disappoint. There are maybe two good songs on here, maybe. Club Mobb is in full effect on this album. When they aren't sucking 50's dick (no homo) they are basically telling the listener that they are selling out and that its all about the "blood money" now. How I yearn for the days of "Shook Ones" and "Hell on Earth".

(Download "Put 'Em in their Place" and be done with it)

Notorious B.I.G - "Biggie Duets......" - Yea this is pretty bad. A lot of songs don't even have a Biggie verse on them! Fuck Puff Daddy and his attempts to exploit the late great Frank White from beyond the grave. For shame!

(Download "Spit Yo Game" and "Beef" and be done with it)

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Ozzie bites another bats head off!

The title is a little misleading. This is a post about Chicago Whitesox Manager Ozzie Guillen. Recenlty Guillen called out Chicago Sun Times reporter, Jay Marrioti, in front of a bunch of reporters. During this informal interview, Guillen called Mariotti, among other things, a fag.
Now Ozzie Guillen has a long history of saying whatever comes into his head. He is either hated or adored around the sports world for his candor. The quote that they have I do not think should offend gay people (more on this later) however his defense of his actions are ridiculous. Guillen's explanation is that in his country, Venezuela, fag is used in a different manner than it is used over here and that he was not sure what it meant in America. Yea one problem buddy, you've live in America for the past 25 years. You were here during Will and Grace (no homo), you know what the fuck it means so don't play the ignorance card please.
I am not homophobic and I do not find the hatred of homosexuals, or anybody for that matter, to be acceptable. However, I do not agree with the class of thought that the word fag is a derogatory term to gays. When I hear the word I think of a feminine dude, not necessarily a gay person. That being said I also understand why most gay people are offended by the word. My final defense of Guillen is that from what I understand, this was a pretty informal sit down. Im sure he did not mean to be quoted directly, and if everyone got in trouble for some shit they said while kicking it then we'd all be in trouble a lot of the time.