Monday, December 05, 2016

Progress Of A Sorts

Arizona beat Washington 31-23. All right! Which pushes the Cardinals back up to 5-6-1, meaning they are still technically in the running for a wild card spot. More pertinently, it hurts Washington's chances for one of those same spots, and that's always good.

Arizona didn't run the ball effectively at all, needing 24 carries to gain 88 yards. But David Johnson's 84 yards were enough to get him over 1000 for the season, making him just the sixth Cardinals' running back I've seen reach that mark. How sad. With 4 games left, he's on pace for a little over 1330 yards, which would give him the 4th best single season total in franchise history (behind Ottis Anderson, who holds the top 4 spots currently). He already has the 15th best single season total, and he's 29th in total rushing yards.

Carson Palmer had a good game. 300 yards through the air, no turnovers, only sacked twice, 3 TDs. Don't know if the offensive line stepped up their game, Arians schemed with more emphasis on protection, or if Washington's pass rush and secondary just suck. David Johnson and Fitzgerald continue to be the primary targets, combining for 19 catches and 169 yards. Given Fitzgerald's 7.8 yards per catch, I'm guessing Arians isn't having Palmer attack downfield as much, because the line can't hold up. Jermaine Gresham had 5 catches for 52 yards, and JJ Nelson caught one 42 yard pass.

The defense allowed 87 yards on 18 carries, but other than one 59 yard reception by Desean Jackson, mostly kept Cousins from hurting them down the field. He got intercepted one in the end zone trying to throw the horrible fade route to Jackson, and Calais Campbell obliterated some chump of a lineman to sack Cousins and force a key fumble late.

Looking to the remaining four games, they have Miami, the Saints, then Seattle and the Rams to close things out. The Dolphins just got humiliated by the Ravens, which could be good if it makes them fold, but bad if it makes them pissed and desperate. The Saints, Arizona might be able to pull of the strategy I hoped they'd use against the Falcons. With the division games, who knows. The Rams game will be ugly, because games with the Rams always are, the Seahawks game could be close, could be a blowout. The Seahawks have looked extremely vulnerable at times - losing to Tampa, tying Arizona - but they just trucked the Panthers, so I'm not sure what they are.



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