Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A Nice Win Before The Big Showdown

Arizona trounced the hapless Jets 28-3. I feel bad for Todd Bowles, that he's stuck in a situation where Ryan Fitzpatrick is his best choice at QB. I said this when Fitzpatrick was with the Titans, he's good enough to get you close to win, but bad enough to fuck up and cost you the game. This season, he's only been the latter, not the former.

Anyway, Palmer was an economical 21 of 34, 213 yards and 1 TD. He left late in the game with some hip thing, but hopefully it's nothing serious. David Johnson had another excellent game, 3 TDs and 111 yards on the ground. Admittedly, 58 of those yards came on one rush, took 21 carries for the other 53 yards, which is, not great, but I appreciate the commitment to trying to run. Plus Andre Ellington, JJ Nelson, and Stefan Taylor combined for 62 yards on 9 carries, which is nice. I'd like to think Arians saw Palmer was getting pummeled and decided to go with shorter passes and more running, but who knows.

So Arizona is back to .500, but now come the Seahawks. They narrowly staved off the Falcons this week, but at least they beat a good team. Arizona hasn't had any success on that score so far this season. Blowing out crappy teams? Sure, they do that real well. But the good teams (plus the Rams) are handling them. Still, they've managed to split the season series with Seattle when they have Palmer, so there's hope.



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