Monday, November 14, 2016

We're Back To Being Grateful For Narrow Wins

Arizona beat the suckass 49ers, 23-20, on a last second field goal by Catanzaro. The Cardinals probably would have won handily if Carson Palmer didn't turn the ball over three goddamn times. Tends to neutralize the nearly 400 yards of passing.

The defense mostly held the 49ers in check until a drive late in the 4th quarter tied the game.  The Niners held by getting flagged for 9 penalties, while Arizona was only called for two. At least that's something the Cardinals are doing well. They didn't run the ball terribly well, and there were the aforementioned turnovers. But whatever, they're at least back up to .500 and in second place in the NFC West. Given the sorry state of the conference this year, they at least have a shot at the playoffs. The Seahawks and Cowboys are good, which is about the worst possible combo from my perspective, and everyone else is a mess. The Falcons and Saints can't stop anyone, and possibly neither can Green Bay. Minnesota is falling apart. The Cardinals are mediocre. The Rams can't score. There's no way I'm trusting the Lions, Redskins, or Giants to have their shit together. Philly? Tampa Bay? Please.



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