Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Downward Spiral Continues

Arizona's losing streak is up to 6 games. As I feared, they pretty much laid down against San Francisco on Monday Night Football. Nothing like having the nation's football-loving members undivided attention to demonstrate how lousy they are beyond a shadow of a doubt.

That the Cards lost is bad enough. That it helped the 49ers continue to claw their way back into the division hunt is worse. I hate teams that play like it doesn't matter for awhile, then flip the switch and make it work out. The Chargers, the San Antonio Spurs, I really don't want the 49ers to be able to overcome starting 0-5.

Derek Anderson flipped out when asked after the game why he was seen laughing on the sideline while the team was being defeated. My thought it he's laughing that some team actually pays him for his quarterbacking, or whatever you call what he does out there. It kills me that he has Fitzgerald and Steve Breaston and looks like shit, but Sam Bradford has a bunch of no-name wideouts, and can consistently play solid football, and occasionally spectacular football. If Bradford had Arizona's receivers, the Rams would be running away with the division. But they don't, and those receivers go to waste in their current locale.

I don't know if there's any part of the team that's working right now. The running game was moderately productive against KC, but vanished against SF. The passing game is lousy (not the worst I've seen from a Cardinals team, but in the running for second worst). The defense seems to have thrown in the towel so hard I imagine it burned up before touching the ground. Whisenhunt is sticking with Anderson at QB, saying he gives them the best chance to win, which speaks poorly of their backups, which speaks poorly of their ability to construct a roster. I think he might be better off seeing if any other players on the team have QB experience, be it college or high school, and giving them a turn. The team's already getting blown out every week. How much worse could things be?



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