Friday, February 01, 2008

Super Bowl Prediction

I don't know who's gonna win. New England is the better team, but on any given day who knows what will happen? Plaxico called his shot (Giants 21-17), which would normally make me think he had doomed the Giants by being openly confident (because confidence is god, but athletes are supposed to pretend to be humble to placate us fans). However, Tom Brady actually responded with his joking 'We're only going to score 17? Is Plax going to play defense?' comment, which makes me wonder if the Pats are feeling a little too sure of themselves.

OK, it doesn't actually make me wonder that, I just really don't want the Patriots to go 19-0, and I'm grasping for any straw I can find. So let's discuss a few things. No, I don't think Brady's ankle will make a difference.Brady's about as mobile as Marino was, so I doubt it'll make much difference, unless the Giants' pass rush can separate the ankle from the rest of his leg. Yeah, the Pats can probably rattle Eli, so maybe the Giants use a lot of Ahmad Bradshaw to take advantage of New England's aging linebackers.

I toyed with the idea of picking New England, in the hopes that my Arizona Cardinals karma could somehow jinx the Pats. But, I remembered that didn't work when I picked the Spurs to beat the Suns last spring (hoping Phoenix' more appealing style of play would triumph), so what the hell. Both teams have had to wait two weeks, I figure that'll throw off the offenses more than the defenses, and since the Pats are more high-octane, it'll be more detrimental to them, whereas the Giants seem to muddle through and score points somehow. New York 24, New England 23.



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